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Women of the Word NH Women's Ministry

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WOW! We're Women Of God's Word!



The women's ministry of Portsmouth Believers Church meets most months and studies wondrous things from God's Word.
We are who He says we are! Dig in with us to find His answers
for everything that you are facing.


Women of the Word meetings are free and open to all ladies. Meetings are usually held at Portsmouth Believers Church: 235 Heritage Ave, Portsmouth, NH.
Join Women of the Word NH Facebook Group to stay informed, encouraged, and to see video recordings of past messages.


Thought "trees"

Pastor Margaret teaches the message, "Tend the Garden of Your Mind"

Cooking Class

A Winter Sunshine event: cooking class at Pastor Margaret's. On the menu was tiramisu.

Healthy Thinking
Winter Sunshine 2017

Winter Sunshine 2017 included lunch for the ladies.

Find Fell
Winter Sunshine 2017

Guest Minister, Pastor Sherrie Williams ministers and prays for the women.

Spirit, Soul, Body

Pastor Margaret explains and illustrates the separate components that make up YOU.

Class3 Winter Sunshine
Winter Sunshine

Pastor Margaret teaches how to use the Helmet of Salvation to protect your thinking.

Death & Life

Your package of Life from Jesus' resurrection includes wonderful benefits. Sadly, the package of Death from the curse on the planet includes a plethora of unwanted afflictions. Choose Life!


Prayer Tool by Margaret Carnahan:  Scripture Prayers for Loved Ones

This spiral bound prayer companion contains over 100 large-print Bible verses, adapted to insert the name of a loved one and to confess in prayer.

For God so loved my loved ones, that He gave His only begotten Son.
My loved ones believe in Jesus and do not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

For Salvation, For Righteous Living, For God to Watch Over and Protect, For Fulfilling God’s Purpose, For Financial Blessing, For Healing, To Be a Witness for Christ, For Discipline and Obedience in Young Children

$6 plus shipping and handling.

Copies can be purchased from
or from the Shop page of this website


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